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JD Lewis Center Youth Camps
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JD Lewis Center Youth Camps

Camp Staff

Gilbert "Coach A" Abraham - MPA

Coach A is the founder and lead instructor of Akin Athletics, LLC with a specialty in skill development, strength training & evaluation.  Having worked with numerous professional basketball players, Abraham delivers his expertise in assisting the careers of several distinguished college and high school basketball players throughout The Carolinas and nationally.  Within the last 5 years nearly all of the college clientele Abraham has worked with have earned contracts to play abroad professionally or in the NBA. Additionally, Abraham has trained over 100 student-athletes that have gone on to receive Scholarships at the collegiate level.

G.Hyman "Coach G"

With a background in Kinesiology & Physiology while being an expert level Personal Trainer over the past 15 plus years, Coach G brings a unique view to Basketball Skill Development.  He is the founder of HymanPro Fitness where a proactive approach to basketball player development is taken.  His programs are designed to help athletes achieve tangible results by activities using progressive methods of basketball player development.  His HymanPro Fitness methodologies are implemented at our camp and he will hold players accountable while getting them outside their comfort zones.  He uses very effective ways to train our athletes.

Coach G has worked with clients of all skills levels and works with some of the best D1 talent in the country and some of the best PFs in the League, including David West of the Indiana Pacers!  He also writes for Stack Online magazine on basketball related topics.  He offers private training, team training and various Skill Specific Camps/Clinics.